ID RiskCompass

Feeling lost about identity protection? We’ll help you find your way. Get the direction you need with the ID RiskCompass™. This easy-to-use tool evaluates whether you are effectively protecting your personally identifiable information. Identity theft is a fast-growing crime that targeted nearly 13 million Americans this year. Don’t become another victim. Answer a few questions to get your Risk Level, which determines if you are at low, medium or high risk of identity theft. You will have an opportunity to review your answers and print a summary report. The report also will provide helpful tips on how to better safeguard your identity and shield yourself from potential risk.


Important information: This tool is offered for education and illustration purposes only. The risk propensity results presented are only rough estimates. Actual risks, expenses, and/or exposures due to identity fraud may vary based on additional facts, information, and variables not reflected in this tool. The tool is based on: (1) proprietary data collected from CyberScout’s customer claim experiences and fraud resolution and (2) information available to the public through numerous public, private, and non-profit groups and sources. This tool is not intended to predict all related identity risks and/or costs but simply meant to help provide a preliminary assessment of your personal information and identity theft risk exposure. Your risk propensity level does not mean that you will or will not become a victim of fraud or identity theft. The tool is provided "as is" and does not give any warranty of any kind nor assumes any liability for the usage of the tool and its results.

Your Risk Score
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